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We are a unique centre with children progressing from the Early Years unit to the Day Centre in Kanyanya and finally to the Seguku boarding section if their parents wish them to. We have combined both the educational and medical aspects as well as having a holistic approach to help the children develop.


We major in three areas:

1. Self help skills
2. Activities for daily living
3. Crafts, gardening and looking after animals

Each child is assessed individually and then taught practical skills. The emphasis is on equipping the children for life.

Through purposeful activities like craft work, sewing, gardening, cleaning, cooking, pre-academics and games the children can learn at their own pace and ability. The aim to is to help the children become as independent as possible in later life so they can look after themselves and play their part in their families and communities.

The teachers and occupational therapists set objectives for each child so that their progress can be monitored. Through this both the child and the staff can see improvement. The children gain more self-confidence because they are succeeding. The parents and care givers are helped to accept the children for who they are.

We also provide advice and support to parents and the community on how to care for special needs children, including giving practical workshops.

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Head Office:
PASNEC, Kanyanya Centre, Plot 1050, Bahai Road, Kanyanya, Uganda


Mailing Address:
PASNEC, PO Box 6853, Kampala, Uganda


+256 (0) 712 812 240


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