Seguku Centre

Seguku Centre is located in Seguku parish about 2 kilometres from Seguku town (on Entebbe Road) along the Seguku-Katale-Busawula road.

Seguku Centre is what used to be called Guluddene Centre, which was located in Guluddene Village, a few kilometres from Kiwenda & Bugema along the Gayaza to Zirobwe road. The Centre at Guluddene was closed in December 2018 and everything was shifted to Seguku for the beginning of 2019.

Seguku Centre has 3 acres of land but has use of several more acres. Some of the land is used to grow crops to supplement and give the students a healthier diet. The children also look after a cow and we are working towards having goats, pigs & chicken and more agricultural projects.

Currently all of the children at Seguku are of secondary age and they are boarders. We only board older children. As the local community get to know we are around, we will accept day pupils and those who are younger.

The children are taught according to their age, individual abilities and levels of performance. The curriculum has an emphasis on practical skills. Time is spent on gardening and animal husbandry which gives the children good physical exercise but with purpose. Half of the morning is given to basic numeracy & literacy. This includes recognising their own names, recognising & using money and learning reading & writing skills if they are able to. Other subjects are also taught at a basic level. E.g. Social Studies, Science, Sex & health education and Religious Education. The afternoons are spent on vocational skills, including making handicrafts like jewellery, counter books & paper mache products. Candles and liquid & hard soaps are also made. Children learn some simple cookery & baking and meal preparation skills. Boys do some carpentry, building work and help with maintenance. Girls learn hair dressing and sewing.

The children stay in dormitories with just 6 of them in each coloured room and 6 rooms in total. There is a matron to help and assist where needed and she lives in the same building as them. During the evenings and weekends, the children wash their own clothes (and iron them if possible). They have the opportunity to socialise with each other by playing outdoor and indoor games, watching DVDs, having personal time to rest and relax etc.

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