We had a Sports/Fun day at Seguku Centre on 31st October 2019 for the children of both Kanyanya and Seguku Centres together. The children and staff from both Centres were meeting at Seguku for the very first time as last year’s fun day was held at Guluddene.

Some of the staff members, Children and parents during the 7th annual awareness and fun day for for children with special needs on 12th July 2019. They matched on Jinja road from centenary park to the Lugogo MTN arena.



Mother and Daughter activity on 28th November 2018: Parents and children learnt about a balanced diet and its importance. They prepared chapati & juice and had it for their breakfast, then prepared Local foods, sauces, vegatables/salads & dessert and had it for lunch.

Parents making fruit juice together with their daugthers.

Making chapati

Deep fried chapati

Some of the vegetables that parents and children worked on.

Water melon and pineapple for dessert.

Parents training combined with children in making reusable sanitary pads.

(1) 20th September 2018: Parents together with their daughters learning how to make reusable sanitary pads.

(2) 1st and 2nd June 2016:

Excited children and their parents showing-off with their bags containing the reusable pads they had made during the two day training.

Some of the GEC girls making reusable sanitary pads during a two days training in June.

One of parents working with her child in sewing the pads using a hand needle. Every parent worked with her daughter during the training.


Children doing group games outside classrooms.

Girls on GEC project practising peeling matooke

Girls on GEC project practising peeling matooke

All Girls received gifts after league competitions in February.

PASNEC’s updated pickup truck!

We are overjoyed to have recently acquired an updated pick-up truck for the centres!

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