Donating to PASNEC

Donating or ways of helping the project from the UK (or even Uganda):

There are many different ways of helping PASNEC. The first one is to contact us. We all need encouragement & so by just contacting us & saying – “Hi” helps us.

If you are part of an organisation, especially a children’s one, then the children in one of our centres would love to hear from you, especially with any photos or drawings that you could share as well.

If you have any items ( Donations in kind) that you no longer have need for, either new or good quality, that you think we may be able to use in Uganda, then please contact us.

Of course, another way of donating is financially. We appreciate any help in this area, whether big or small. Even a little money can go a long way. Disability is not usually something that generates money. Our children are often marginalised. In a country where there are low incomes & families struggle, it will often be that the disabled child is left until last to be helped, if at all. There are a multitude of different ways to bring in finances. these range from sponsored events ( A marathon, shaving your head, an evening with …. etc. ) to specific fund raising functions ( Selling items, cheese & drinks evening, quiz evening etc.) So please be imaginative & creative & help us if you can.

If you are donating from the United Kingdom you may make your donation via Basingstoke Community Churches. Please download and use the forms here to make your donation.

Contact Details

Head Office:
PASNEC, Kanyanya Centre, Plot 1050, Bahai Road, Kanyanya, Uganda


Mailing Address:
PASNEC, PO Box 6853, Kampala, Uganda


+256 (0) 712 812 240


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